Flower Essences


     Nature’s Gift of Emotional Balance

Flower essences are nature’s way of providing nourishment to the soul.  They work at a mental and emotional level to help link your body, soul, and spirit together.  Taking flower essences help to stimulate and assist the soul with subtle transformations that are a result of emotional issues.  They are powerful catalysts that unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs, and give clarity to your life.  The results are harmony, health and well being.  Flower essences are gentle, safe, non-habit forming, and self-adjust to your specific needs... nature’s way of embracing you with balance and love.

What can I expect?

Flower essence healing may be recognized by dramatic shifts of reaction to emotion, or subtle shifts of thinking during stressful situations.  You may feel a profound sense of peacefulness, or experience renewed coping skills.  As flower essences help you develop a higher level of intuition, self esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun, you may experience the ingredients that will create happiness in your life:  love, joy, faith and courage.

How are they made?

Flower Essences are obtained by using the healing vibration quality from the highest evolved portion of the plant — the flower.  The energy of the flower is diffused in sunlight and water, and stabilized with alcohol, vinegar or vegetable glycerin.

How do I take them?

Place one to three drops under the tongue, or in water or juice which you may sip or drink.  Your body will select which essences it needs and harmlessly release the unnecessary particles.  So, they are safe to take as often as you wish -- which can be quite frequently during periods of profound stress.

Store the flower essence bottle in a cool place away from direct sunlight.  If the essence is mixed with vegetable glycerin to preserve it, direct sunlight will contaminate the preservative.

If you have questions about flower essences, please call Cynthia at 616-458-5613.