Healing Source.net


Founded in 1994 by Cynthia Brant, the Healing Source is a holistic healing center whose mission is:


"To empower people to participate in their own healing and to bring other healers together to collaborate."

Cynthia Brant is a homeopathic advisor, flower essences practitioner (botanical treatments to nourish the soul and restore emotional balance) Reiki Master, and a practitioner of kinesiology (anatomy relating to human movement - both Total Body Modification - TBM and Neuro Emotional Technique - NET).

Cynthia’s career began in healthcare where she spent thirteen years in hands-on hospital work. In 1978, she earned a degree in psychology from the University of Michigan, and then became certified in the treatment of substance abuse and social work.

Her combined knowledge of psychology and physiology provide the core background for The Healing Source, which is centered on total body healing.

Evaluations and treatments are individually tailored to each person, with equal analysis and attention given to balancing the body, mind and spirit. This synchronized approach to mental and physical healing is very effective, making it possible to both find the bridge to healing and to help each person unveil healing within themselves.

The Healing Source is located at 517 Broadway NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504. Cynthia Brant is available by appointment by calling (616) 458-5613.