Total Body Modification


Total Body Modification TBM is a technique used to find the organ or area of the body that is stressed or sick determine the cause and restore balance to the nervous system.   In essence TBM is a technique for helping the body’s biocomputer adjust back to healthy functioning by focusing on the causes versus the symptoms to assist the body to heal itself. 


A tool used in TBM is kinesiology which is the study of anatomy relating to human movement  Through muscle testing kinesiology is used to evaluate the individuals potential for healing by studying their structural chemical and mental aspects.


Another tool used in TBM is bioenergetics which is a method of studying and understanding the human personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes.  Bioenergetic theory holds that what happens in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice versa.  When bioenergetics is used as part of TBM, therapeutic bodywork methods using reflex points muscle testing and soft tissue and bone manipulation and exercises are employed to help you become aware of tensions in your body  and techniques for releasing them through appropriate movement. 

What can I expect from TBM?

TBM can positively affect conditions such as  allergies flu symptoms emotional blocks to health high blood pressure and many other conditions.  The result of the TBM process is a balanced system.

How long does a treatment take?

The initial interview will take up to 2 hours in which a detailed evaluation will be taken and the plan for treatment will be discussed.  Subsequent treatments will take 20 - 45 minutes depending on the time used for verbal exploration of emotional conflicts and their relationship to an individuals personal history.

If you would like more information about TBM please call The Source at 458-5613.